Saturday, 20 October 2012

Scariest (And Tastiest) Places on Earth

I have decided to post a guide to six unlikely scary places on Earth that are also famous for their unforgettable food.

1) The Tower of London, England
Of course the Tower is known as an international landmark that defines English architecture to the finest degree but there are lots of eerie stories to be told by many visitors. Some people claim to see ghosts of all shapes and sizes including animal ghosts. A lot of notable historic persons have been held captive and others even died at this venue.
And if you do intend to visit London, then I also suggest the unofficial national dish of the British, some old fashioned Fish and Chips. If you are really lucky, you might even get it served in the traditional way; on old newspaper pages!

2) The Palace of Versailles, France
The Ch√Ęteau de Versailles is known for its opulent visual beauty worthy of the most blue-blooded royals in the world. To stand in its presence is to feel overwhelmed and tiny compared to its gargantuan stature. It is grand. It is perfect. And it is the epitome of French design and class. But beyond palace walls and history, there are rumours spoken by locals of frightful screams and figments surrounding the estate and even abiding within - something to consider carefully when visiting next. 
But if all of that talk of ghosts from eras past works up your appetite, resign yourself to a baked pastry that is very perfect and very French: the simple croissant. In France, they do it well and was said to be a favourite of Marie-Antoinette.  

3) Picton, Australia
Australia may not be known for being haunted but south-west of Sydney is the town of Picton that serves up haunted houses, churches and graveyards fresh out of a Horror movie. It is here that ghosts of babies, women and men can be seen walking down streets and casually going about their daily lives. That's enough apparitions to scare locals and tourists alike back to the city. 
When you get there, how about Australia's delightful little sweet treat, a Lammington? It is usually square and dusted with coconut or powdered sugar sometimes. It's tasty and cakey and quintessentially Australian.

4) Dehli Cantt, India
Delhi Cantt can be visited via bus, train or private car and would be remembered as an authentic Indian trip with gorgeous third world photographs. The stories of ghosts are not wide and varied but particular to one ghost. The spectre is said to be a woman clad in white waiting by the roadside and posing as a hitch-hiker.  She grabs a ride as a regular passenger then disappears after taunting obliging motorists and travellers. 
For some original Indian fare to help you calm down after being scared, try some vegetable or meat Samosas that are available throughout India via street vendors and certain restaurants. They are fried nuggets of tasty goodness!

5) Banff Springs Hotel, Canada
Apart from being one of the most beautiful castles over a century old, visitors recall first hand accounts of ghastly bellhops moving luggage around the hotel! Beside all of this however, considering the setting, furniture and history of such a grand place, this Hotel is not a horrible visit at all and a view of a strange ghost only adds to the appeal.
And what Canadian trip would be complete without Maple Taffy? It is pure Canadian maple syrup poured onto shaved ice and served on a stick. Ask any Canadian and they will tell you, it's the simplest ingredients that make this snack shine.

6) Sao Paulo, Brazil
There are many haunted buildings in Sao Paulo including one particular high rise building that became engulfed in flames after an electrical problem. Thirteen people supposedly died or went missing and still reside there today. There are also signs of supernatural activity after religious elements were the only survivors of other house fires and even City Hall is said to be shrouded in paranormal activity.
For the tourist that desires only Brazilian food however, how about trying Acaraje? They are fried balls of black eyed peas and sometimes even served with shrimp. 

Happy travelling and Eating This Halloween Readers!

All photos sourced from Photopin via Creative Commons

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